I’m an all-round artist. But for a long time, I was afraid to be. I felt I needed to be only ‘a photographer’, or to drop the photography and choose one of my other loves, painting or acting. 

When I realised I could be just be me, I found it was possible bring together all my influences and skills to create work that had beauty and power. 

This wasn’t always easy. There were dark times along the way. But I was, and still am, driven by a belief that I could get to where I wanted to be and create something wonderful.  

…artist, photographer, dreamer…and successful businesswoman.

I live a life I love, and that is authentically mine. I travel the world to work with amazing people in stunning locations. My clients come to me.

I’m a creative chameleon…a fine artist, photographer and trained actor. I used to fight against my own diversity. I believed I had to choose just one thing. Then I realised that this diversity is my biggest strength. 

By allowing myself to work without limits, I’ve found an artistic power that surprises and leads me. 

I’ve been able to do this because I’ve always been open to learning and change. I’ve been able to see the beauty in the darkest hour, and use it as a seed for growth. 

I’ve had support from mentors and coaches: people who could guide me through my journey. 

Now, I coach others to make that same journey and build their beautiful success and creative freedom.


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