Internationally Acclaimed Photographer & Painter


Welcome to the home of my journal and portfolio. I am an artist, an eclectic soul: Fine photographer, painter, mentor, loyal friend, free-spirit. I believe it is possible to flourish without labels or boundaries and that we should all be doing what we love as life is far too short.  

For over a decade, I have specialised in creating large-scale, mixed media paintings, often featuring as part of a colour series. Alongside this, I have taken on stunning photography commissions around the world for the past 5 years whilst staying true to my love for shooting authentic film (as in old rolls of film , not video). I combine this with teaching and offering fellow creative women the mentorship and inspiration they need to unlock their potential. 

The arts co-exist beautifully you see, they intermingle, influence and intertwine to create something unique....

There are no limits with me. Your vision is always possible.