There are no limits with me. Anything is Possible. 


 I believe in helping other creative women such as designers, photographers, bloggers, artists, florists, events planners, coaches, and many more to make their visual identity absolutely stunning through photography so beautiful it would be up there to grace the pages of Vogue . Thats why I shoot film (not video but old rolls of film) because of its flattering quality, its luminosity and softness. Yes it is more expensive but boy is it more beautiful and rare!  

Do you look at other people's blogs, their Instagram and Pinterest and wish your images looked like that? 

Do you get frustrated that your visual identity doesn't represent you for who you are?

Are you curious to see how having exceptionally stunning professional branding photography could attract your ideal clients?

Do you want your £500 website to look like a £5000 website?

Your images will reflect a premium brand position and will be worthy to grace the pages of top international magazines and blogs. (which is where we want to see you!)  This is where many small businesses and individuals trying to make a name for themselves miss out. 

I relish meeting interesting, insightful, wise, inspiring women and helping capture part of their history in a way many of them haven’t experienced before. I hate the ‘cheesyness’ of typical branding photography, and find that it can repel rather than attract clients. Your portraits don't have to be this way, they can be so much more beautiful, natural, artistic and timeless.



Believe it or not, even as a photographer, I rarely enjoy being photographed. A great many women feel the same way when faced with the glimmer of a camera lens: anxious and self-conscious. 

But it needn’t be that way, whatever the occasion.  I work to achieve the opposite effect: to make you feel empowered and beautiful and to produce a set of images that capture the essence of you.

Today no matter what business you are in, you will need to have a strong online presence. Your online voice and visual identity is essential to communicating with the right audience and building a successful brand that sells effortlessly.

In every instance, I aim to produce beautifully crafted fine art images to tell your story and bring out your beauty.

Storytelling works best when, as a key part of our preparation, I can get to know you and tailor the shoot to suit your needs. This involves guiding you through the creative process and working with you to understand your own inspirations – you may have gathered images you love, or even style ideas and snippets that reflect who you are. 

Whatever the occasion, we will work in tandem to achieve beautiful images.

For your shoot, I will help guide you on the choice of colour and fabric of clothing to create something elegant and timeless. If you want to capture the essence of your creative business in a series of working portraits, I will want to understand the values and voice behind your brand and work with you to find the right location, colour-scheme and style to encapsulate the essence of your career identity.  

I shoot film (not video but old rolls of film) because it is more flattering, softer and handles light and colour more beautifully (in my opinion) than digital. It has a timeless affect so your images will stand the test of time. Yes , it is more expensive to shoot film, but in my opinion its important to invest ina set of images that represent you for your most beautiful , and most radiant self. 

You receive the files all digitally. My film lab will scan them onto the computer and I will edit them just the same as I would do a digital image. Its that little bit of extra special’ness’ that will make your brand stand out. 

As an experienced photographer and trained actress I use practical techniques to put you at ease from the very start of the process and ensure we accomplish the very best from our shooting time.  Please note that, due to diary constraints, I am only able to take on a limited number of bespoke shoots each month, so please contact me as soon as possible with your requirements.

Whether your a service provider or product based business , I have packages tailored to both and bespoke quotations are also available.