Why I Created 'ICONIC' for Artists & Photographers

If you're reading this, my guess is you're a creative soul too.....and we have quite a lot in common.

Ever felt so inspired by the world around you that your heart might burst? And yet, almost in the same breath, felt stuck as to how to channel your creativity and grow your business? Fed up of being labelled a "something" or having people tell you to "focus on just one thing" and yet feeling you don't want to restrict yourself?  

And that's why I founded the ICONIC mentoring program:

to use my experiences and bespoke methods to help talented, passionate, creative women tap into their potential, and create an iconic brand around them. I help my clients learn to flourish creatively without labels or boundaries. 

Looking back, I started my business before I was ready.

Yes, it was a beginning of sorts, but it felt more like a headlong dive into the ocean than a gentle step in the right direction. Having pored over books written by my favourite film photographers, I acquired my first proper camera and taught myself the "how to" as I went. Nothing formal. Nothing official. No big fanfare. I put myself out there, not knowing which step was next, and allowed my work to speak for itself. As the painter, Paul Klee, said: "One eye sees, the other feels". And that's how I went about it - one half of me observed and the other simply went along intuitively, feeling my way. Sounds crazy now, doesn't it? But it worked and I know it wasn't luck that made it happen; I earned it. I was focused and dedicated and the big jobs came quickly.

I shan't ever deny that I've had my share of doubt,

crippling anxiety, stumbling blocks, heartbreak, crises of confidence, creative paralysis - the works. But it's all had a purpose and has given me valuable life lessons that I am now able to share to support my clients in their endeavours. In this day and age, with everyone grappling to be seen and heard online, I've learnt that it takes something more than a suitcase of dreams to stand out.  Hard work, yes. Talent, of course.  But it also takes authenticity, vulnerability, realness. You create the vision. You are the brand. 

I've learnt a vast amount on my journey so far and have seen my philosophies and personal values evolve

as I encounter stumbling blocks and age-old cliches.  My (least!) favourite is that earning a living - or, better still, making a life - as a creative destroys one's craft. It's completely false!


For too long, society has painted a picture of the impoverished artist.

But selling doesn't mean selling out. Nor does it mean needing managers, agents and hangers-on to make it big. Being unafraid to stand tall, do things differently and truly fly solo is so empowering and that forms the basis of my ICONIC programme. 

I aim to work with my clients to illuminate their strengths

and help them overcome their own struggles and find their creative flow. I learnt a long time ago that fanning the flames of others doesn't put out my own fire. There is room enough for everyone to burn brightly. 


Katie Julia