About my Paintings

I have been painting for as long as I can remember

and have always loved the cathartic, mindful and fluid process of creating my work. It is in my studio that my soul feels at peace.  My style involves large, deep canvases of mixed media. 

I apply and frequently wipe away layers of paint in order to build density, adding elements of raw pigment, sand, paper, gloss paint, emulsion, acrylic, oils and even resin.

No one medium covers the whole surface, but intertwine to create the whole.


I take a lot of colour inspiration from the mediterranean, and from the colour tones of my photography.

I am concerned with the natural elements and magnifying objects such as bulbs and plants in many of my works. I love taking the form of these objects to then fragment and break them up until they become almost unrecognisable. I always draw parallels into my own life, and use colour and mark making to bring my own mood and history to the work. I paint how I feel and enjoy the process of creating something emotive , luminous and influential on your mood, on a space, on perspective. It is my escapism.

 In other collections and since I began painting,  I have produced a body of work based on feminity as my exploration into human condition, and how I feel about it.

My experience as a woman, the delicacy, the struggle, the conditioning, the strength, the mother, the daughter, the girlfriend, the broken heart etc.  



Whichever subject I work with I have come to understand that imperfection and fragmentation are recurrent themes in my work.

I rely on texture and fluid brushwork rather than straight lines to convey the quiet beauty of movement, colour and depth. I love to magnify, stylise and fragment details and allow my statement pieces to exude a sense of the organic world around us. 



Painting enables me to step into the unseen and to shake off rules and conventions and be entirely ungoverned.

I aim to reconcile life's paradoxes in my work and let them exist in harmony, side by side: movement and stillness, beauty and chaos, anxiety and calmness, freedom and confinement, fragmentation and wholeness, being present and yet adhering to lessons from one's past.


I encapsulate moods and feelings through shape and colour, allowing my audience to meditate on the vast swathe of human emotions.

Perhaps that is why some viewers will see entirely different things in the same piece; but that is all part of the joy of creation.  


I have exhibited my work on a number of occasions, opting for large, minimalist spaces to allow my audience to sit with my work and experience them as they wish. I invite you to take a look through my online gallery and leave your comments. 


Katie Julia